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Violet Lin Tran

Violet Lin Tran

Violet Lin Tran is the founder and owner of The Violet Cake Shop based in Toronto, Canada.  She is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes.  Violet's style is  unique and magical and as such is widely recognised around the globe. 

Violet a mum of two and she first discovered her love for cake art in early 2008 when researching how to make a cake for her husband's milestone birthday. She considers herself "internet or community taught" as she soon found and learned as much as she could from the many helpful sites, blogs and online resources where people were willing to share their craft. She used every family occasion to practice after that and soon, friends and family were asking her to make their cakes and has been busy creating cakes part-time ever since.

Recently she took an extended break after the birth of her daughter, to spend time more quality time with her children.  She now spends her time creating one-of-kindpieces for special projects and personal occasions, taking the odd order here and there. Violet currently maintains a popular Facebook page and blog where she shares insights, tips and free tutorials as well as any new creations. She also has been featured in print and as part of several special Facebook cake community collaborations, with more to come. She is constantly inspired by all things around her, particularly fashion, geometric prints, home décor trends and of course, other sugar artists!

Violet's facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Violet-Cake-Shop/95259702360