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Kelly Cope

Kelly Cope

Kelly Cope is the founder and owner of Crafty Confections based in Ireland. Kelly is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes. Kelly is well know for her amazing cake carving and novelty cakes.

Kelly's background is in publishing having gained a degree in the field before she moved to Ireland from London age 22. In 2003. After the birth of her daughter she got involved in making cakes and was drawn to the technical side of making cakes with sculptures and carving. She is well know for her perfect novelty cakes and "Art that's made to be eaten".  Kelly officially launched her business - Crafty Confections - in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength being a well known tutor and cake maker in cake circles especially for her sugar shoes!

Kelly is a presenter of Novelty cake tutorials at Pretty Witty Cakes.

Kelly's facebook page is www.facebook.com/craftyconfections

​Kelly's website is www.craftyconfections.net