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Calli Hopper

Calli Hopper

Calli Hopper is the founder and owner of Callicious Cakes based in the UK and a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes.  She is an extraordinary fine artist and her artistic talents are seen in her painting and other cake work. 

Calli is a cake artist who has been making cakes for around 4.5 years. Prior to cake decorating, she enjoyed a career as a Graphics Artist and textile designer for many years, along with hobbies such as underglaze painting on ceramics, book illustration, dabbling in clay sculpting, and photography.

Calli is a strong believer that you never stop learning and she constantly tries to challenge herself with design and techniques to see how far she can push what you can so with all forms of sugar. She is constantly enthralled and inspired by the fabulous cake artists she has met, genuine people from all walks of life around the globe. 

When she is not designing cakes, Calli is very focused on her family. She has three gorgeous sons and two grandsons that she adores.  

Calli was was born in London but most of her life life (from the age of 2) has been spent in Eastern and South African countries. She returned to the UK 14 years ago. 

Calli's facebook page is https;//www.facebook.com/Callicious