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Reward Points

Reward Points are what you get for using our website. They are FREE and the more you have, the more discounts and prizes you get.

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Do I need to spend money to get Reward Points?

No. Once you become an Online Tutorials Member, you can earn reward points simply by using the site. That's right – points do not require you to spend anything unless you want to.

How do I collect Pretty Witty Reward Points?

As an Online Tutorials Member, you can earn points without spending money by:

  • Answering a question in the forum
  • Entering Pretty Witty Award competitions
  • Uploading photos to the Members Photo Gallery
  • Submitting recipes
  • Entering our Blog competitions
  • Providing Testimonials
  • If it is your birthday!

If you make purchases in the shop, membership or on pdf tutorials, you can boost your points totals as all purchases also give you reward points.

What do I get when I collect Reward Points?

Reward Points give you:

  1. Discounts on purchases – the more points you have, the higher the discount.
  2. Gifts - if you save your points!

How do I know when I reach the right number of Reward Points for a discounts and gift?

We have 5 levels of membership at Pretty Witty Cakes. The higher your level, the bigger your discount.

Member Level Reward Points Needed Discounts
Blue Any person registered to use the Pretty Witty site who is not an Online Tutorial Member. Blue members can't earn Reward Points. No discounts
Pink An Online Tutorial Member with between 0 and 999 points. 10% discount on classes
5% discount in the Online Shop
Bronze An Online Tutorial Member with between 1000 and 1999 points 11% discount on classes
6% discount in the Online Shop
Silver An Online Tutorial Member with between 2000 and 3999 points 12% discount on classes
7% discount in the Online Shop
Gold An Online Tutorial Member with more than 4000 points 15% discount on classes
10% discount in the Online Shop

What do I get within a level other than a discount?

Well, we couldn’t stop there! You can also collect Pretty Witty Tags! 

What are Pretty Witty Tags?

Meet the Pretty Witty Tags – each tag has a name and you can collect them. There are many Tags you can collect – each one linked to a specific game (coming in the future) or feature for Online Tutorial Members

Ownership of Tags enables you to participate in lots of new features and games (coming soon) on Online Members on the Site. Collection of tags is automatic and completely free – you acquire tags just by using the site as an Online Tutorial Member. 


50 Points 100 Points 200 Points 300 Points 400 Points 500 Points 600 Points 700 Points 800 Points 900 Points 1000 Points


1200 Points 1400 Points 1600 Points 1800 Points 2000 Points


2300 Points 2600 Points 2900 Points 3200 Points 3500 Points


4000 Points 4500 Points 5000 Points 5500 Points 6000 Points 6500 Points 7000 Points 7500 Points 8000 Points

More details of how to use Tags are available once you become an Online Tutorials Member.

How to I keep a Record of my Reward Points and Tags?

You don’t – we do it for you so you don’t miss any! Points and Tags are automatically awarded and added to your Album.

What Happens to My Points and Tags if I cease to Become a Member?

At any time during your membership you can cancel your subscription or you can email cupcakes@prettywittycakes.co.uk and we can help you directly. 

If your membership is cancelled, your Reward Points and Tags will remain on your album for 60 days. If you re-renew within this 60 day period, you will retain all your Reward Points and Tags. After 60 days has passed however, your Reward Points and Tags are reset to zero. 

What other benefits are there to being a Member?

There are tons of other benefits once you become a member. Find out more here.

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