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Etty van Urk

Etty van Urk

Etty van Urk is the founder and owner of Cake Dutchess based in the Netherlands.  She is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes. She is well known for her amazing sugar models and unique skill of modeling characters both animal and human


She started cake decorating in 2009 and did all kinds of things from children cakes to wedding cakes later specialising in toppers. Her aim is to teach people that modelling is not as difficult as people expect, Etty feels that sometimes someone just needs that little motivation to get going and she likes to give that with her tutorials!

Etty's website is http://caek.nl/

Etty films online modelling videos with Pretty Witty Cakes and is also one of out pdf tutors. Her pdf tutorials can be found here