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Kaysie Lackey

Kaysie Lackey

Kaysie Lackey is the founder and owner of The People's Cake based in Seattle, Washington, USA.  She is also a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes where she teaches exclusively when she is in the UK. 

Kaysie has a unique style which have won her international fame and recognition. Kaysie has a background in the arts, including a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Belmont University. She combines art and fashion to create original and over-the-top designs for her clients and competitions.


Kaysie has won numerous awards and is a Star of the Food Network Channel regularly featuring on TV in the USA. She has been featured in 4 different episodes of the Food Network challenge and has won all of them bar one!

Kaysie's unique style is known around the globe where she teaches gravity defying cakes and repeatedly demonstrates why she is a world leader in the art of cake sculpture 

Kaysie is a presenter of Pretty Witty Cakes' Online Tutorials.