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In this tutorial, Nivia Rodrigues shows you how to create a Burlesque Wonky Cake, including a full...
Nivia Rodrigues at Pretty Witty Cakes
Presented By Nivia Rodrigues
In this project, Guest Tutor Linasari Sunyoto shows you how to create a working and impressive...
Linasari Sunyoto at Pretty WItty Cakes
Presented By Linasari Sunyoto
In this Project, Pretty Witty Cakes' tutor Lin Sunyoto talks about how to make many colour's from...
Linasari Sunyoto at Pretty WItty Cakes
Presented By Linasari Sunyoto

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Welcome to Pretty Witty Cakes®' Online Tutorials/Courses – the world's leading video learning resource for those who love baking, cake making, cake decorating, bread making, cupcakes, cookies and food photography.  Perfect whatever your level of experience.

With hundreds of Online Video Classes, a Worldwide Forum to ask questions, Members Photo Galleries, Member Albums, Reward Points and Discounts, Competitions, Photo Tutorials, a Free Magazine, an Interactive Online Shop, awesome Tutors and over 112,000 followers, there is so much for our Members to do.

Our courses cover everything from basic techniques to some of the most sophisticated cake decorating techniques, including a growing collection of cake project courses.

Feel free to browse around and see what is on offer and contact us if you have any questions.

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