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Makiko Searle

Makiko Searle

Makiko Searle is one of the UK’s leading names in wedding cake design. Her professional skills as a cake maker combined with a unique creative style have earned Maki a reputation for creating truly stunning and original designs. Maki is a Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes.

Maki was born in Japan and originally trained as a lawyer. But, inspired by a series of food books by Kazuko Horii, she decided to train in food art and cooking.  She then changed career direction and went on to learn basic food art at the ‘Sukenari Yoko Cooking Art’ in Tokyo.

In 1997, Maki became a pastry chef at the French patisserie ‘Maison de Petit four’ in Tokyo and has worked at many prestigious hotels, including ‘The Mandarin Oriental Hotel’ in Hyde Park and Tokyo.

Maki has been awarded with several medals from many competitions. She currently runs Makiko Searle Cakes, a cake design company in Surrey which produces unusual and exquisite cakes for all occasions. Her work is regularly featured in the UK’s top wedding magazines including Brides, You and Your Wedding and Cosmo Brides, and she is a regular contributor to Sugarcraft Magazines.

Maki will be an online presenter for the Online Tutorials at Pretty Witty Cakes in 2014.