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Stylised Fairy Tales Collaboration

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Stylised Fairy Tales Collaboration

Last week I was contacted by our lovely Guest Tutor Lin Sunyoto who had been working hard on a fantastic new collaboration of stylised fairy tales.  Along with Jamila Jankipersadsing, they have put together a wonderful and fascinating figure modelling / fairy collaboration that we loved so much that we just had to feature it on the blog. 

We have featured more about the amazing work of these exceptional artists below. There is also a little video they have put together here https://www.facebook.com/stylizedfairytales/

So, grab yourself a cup of tea and marvel in the beautiful figures created from sugar below:

Steampunk Cinderella

Above: Steampunk Cinderella by Linasari Sunyoto of Sweetlin

We love this cake that displays all the hall marks of Lin's recognisable style but also has a fantastic grown up twist.  The attention to detail is simply breathtaking

Stylized Jack and The Beanstalk

Stylized Jack and The Beanstalk by Veena Pamela Azmanov - Veena Azmanov

The lovely Veena is someone I have known and watched for years - and recall vividly a Skype call we had about 4 years ago now! My gosh - if you want to see a cake maker blossom into a fully fledged all singing and all dancing cake artist, have a look at Veena. Her journey is truly inspiring. The cake above is a perfect example - it is elegant and draws you in just like a fairy tale should do.  She really has got the spirit of this collaboration in this cake. 

Dark Side of Red by Violet Lin Tran

Dark Side of Red by Violet Lin Tran of The Violet Cake Shop™

Violet is a long-standing tutor from Pretty Witty Cakes and filmed with us back in 2014.  Her style is so solid, so unique and so her that you can recognise a Violet Lin Tran Cake anywhere.  Of course, having met her I can vouch for her being one of the sweetest and most genuine people out there in cake world. I love this cake and its composition and as always, Violet marries the backdrop perfectly.  If you want to have a master class in how to set your cakes on the perfect background, take a look at Violet's work on her facebook page as she aces it every time!

Pans Labyrinth

Pans Labyrinth Faun by Karen Keaney - Roses and Bows Cakery by Karen Keaney

​There are some cake artists that you know will just pull off any cake but who also "fit" certain styles.  Karen, another wonderful lady who has filmed tutorials with us here at Pretty Witty Cakes is an amazing artist as we all know. I think this lady must have an entire room of cake trophies and awards by now :) Karen's Steam Punk work is second to none. I love how all her cakes are mystical, interesting and draw you in. Do check out her work if you don't know of her (although if you don't you may have been living under a rock for quite some time ;). 

The Princess and the Pea by CecieFave Cecilia Favero - Ceci e Fave by Cecilia Favero

​I love this piece.  It is the traditional Princess and the Pea but has a real oriental twist that makes it feel like a film.  A bit like the film Alice Through the Looking Glass, this draws you in such that you want to know more. What is in the book, what is she thinking, who is this artist?  A great cake maker will make you want to research them and Cecilia has nailed it with this piece. I love it. 

Gothic Punk Rupunzal

Gothic Punk Rapunzel by Orietta Basso - Orietta Basso Cake Design

By the time I reached this cake, I was making my own gothic style cartoon/Disney movie in my head! This piece is great - capturing the cute and pretty girl with a more sinister dark and mischievous side. A really fun piece to look at. She kind of reminds me of my own children when they have been naughty but are covering up (you know - like when they say they have not had any chocolate as they peer up at you with big eyes but don't realise there is chocolate smeared all over their face revealing the truth!)

The heart of Pinochio

The Heart of Pinocchio by Isabel Tamargo - Tartas Imposibles by Isabel Tamargo

​Wow! Isabel's interpretation of this is so moving. I was fascinated by the head so much I didn't actually notice the heart until later.  It is hard to believe this is actually CAKE! It is really amazing...


Rumpunkedstiltskin by Sarah Horton - Estrele Cakes

Sarah Horton has created a great character here.  I particularly like the steam punk wings and the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton feel to this piece. A really great little character

Peter and Wedny by Viva La CAke

Peter and Wendy by Joly Diaz - Viva La Cake

Now this is exactly what I mean by making a cake piece being made even greater with the background.  A really cute little piece but extra magic added with that shadow Peter Pan in the background. Super job on this by Joly Diaz 

The cateripillar and the chueshire cat

The Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat Alice In Wonderland by Jonathan Theuma - JT Cakes

Can you believe that this piece stands about 3 feet tall?  The amazing Jonathan Theuma has created a gothic fantasy twist on the caterpillar and cheshire cat inspired by the artist Benat Irureta. The caterpillar is made of cake and rice krispies treats, covered in modelling chocolate, airbrushed and painted. The Cheshire cat face is made up from wafer paper. This is worthy of an entire cartoon series. The colours on this are also fantastic...

Zen Stylized Mulan  

Zen Stylized Mulan by Cécile Beaud

​Cecile only came on my radar for the first time a few weeks ago but I am really loving her work. This is so pretty and so clever. I have not actually seen Mulan (how I have not seen this one with 3 kids confuses me a bit?!) but this makes me want to go watch it.  And it is really nice to see some pink in a cake as I haven't seen a pink cake for ages!! 


Thumbelina by Yili Brown - Starry Delights

I am loving the attitude of this character. Yili is a mother to 3 girls and anyone who has a daughter/watched a little girl assert her authority will understand those little crossed arms. I have seen lots of marbled cakes recently too and this one is a really good example of marbling done very well indeed :)

Snow white

Snow white by Bouchra Lyna - Sweet Creations cakes

One of the things I really like about collaborations is that you get to see cake artists using multiple styles. This Snow White is fabulous as it is a childhood character with a soave, sophisticate feel - she is grown up and sassy and like a modern 21st century Snow White who can kick som 'ass as well as be cute and princess-y :)

Burlesque Belle 

Burlesque Belle by Jamila Jankipersadsing - Pure Cakes by Mila

A very cute Belle by Jamila in this collaboration.  Small and sweet and according to Hollywood, in the colour of the moment (the yellow dress makes me also think of La La Land) so very in vogue in this piece :)

Alice and Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland by Laylah Moore - For the Love of Cake

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Like porcelain and so delicate. This work by Laylah Moore is so adorable.  I love the cards strewn on the dress and the little details on this sculpture. 

Punk Tiana

Punk Tiana by Barbara Luraschi - Sweet Janis by Barbara Luraschi

Ahhh gorgeous Barbara who came to film with us last year.  We love her work and whenever I see her characters I recall how quickly she turns a lump of modelling paste into a fully fledged character. This one is marvellous with her little smirky face and punk hair! Awesome work.

Grumpy Cat In Doc Martens  

Grumpy Cat In Doc Martens by Pauline Po Soo - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Wow - he is a grumpy little cat. But adorable too and a clever mix of the hard leather DM with the soft furry cat. A lovely work by Pauline. 

Sleeping beauity

Steampunk Sleeping Beauty by Dina Nakad -miettes

A lovely pretty cake here by Dina which any little princess would adore. Another great marble effect on the cake too :)

The Tale of Ugly Sad duckling

The Tale of the ugly Sad Duckling by Kay Gajra - Kaykes

Kay has captured something very special in this cake - how cruel the world can be. Whether people or fairy tale characters, you can see here the horrid delight of the yellow duckling being mean to the dark grey duckling. A very moving piece and I am sure one that many people will understand if they have felt like the little grey duckling or know of people like the little yellow duckling...

Steampunk Mermaid  

Steampunk Mermaid by Simona Stabile - Sweet Rocket Queen by Simona Stabile

Last but not least, is this delightul Steampunk Mermaid by Simona Stabile.  A love her little goggles and bright red hair :) Super fun

A great collaboration of fun and thought provoking pieces by these amazing cake artists.  Thank you all for sharing your talents with everyone

To see more, have a look at their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/stylizedfairytales/

With thanks to Lin Sunyoto and Jamila Jankipersadsing who put together this collaboration. 

Suzi xx



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