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Star Cake Maker of the Week May 5th 2017

Pretty Witty Blog

Star Cake Maker of the Week May 5th 2017

This week our chosen Cake Maker of the Week is someone who was also nominated by some of our members: 


Sandra Griggs Smiley

Sandra lives in Ashland City, Tennessee and produces some amazing cakes and figurines. In the words of someone who nominated Sandra for this week's Award, "Sandra is a wonderful lady. She is very encouraging to all the decorators on forums and she has participated in many collaborations. Her work is excellent."

I agree with this entirely. Sandra's work is really great and shows her fine art talents. Have a look below at some of my favourite pieces by Sandra. Her business name is 'Suga Sugar by S Smiley'. You can also see more of her work on her facebook page here

Sandra's Cakes

What you will immediately spot with Sandra is that she can turn her hand to many cake styles.  But for me, some of my favourite pieces are her figures

Just look at this amazing little character in all her splendour...and look at the details - right down to the little painted toe nails - I LOVE this!

For me, the wings on this piece are amazing and show Sandra's collaboration work off to its best 

And then WOW....moving away from figurines, Sandra is still as talented in full novelty cakes. I cannot see anything but perfection in this cake and she gets that little face so spot on - look at his eyes!

Then just when you cannot be any more impressed, you spot that Sandra is also a whizz with sugar flowers too. These super delicate roses almost breathe in their beauty

The above painting on cake I really love.  The sepia colours and the facial expressions are so realistic and then you see this is just a part of THIS awesome cake

This is such a fun cake and so originally. The figures are just fab in their poses especially John Lennon. 

I just adore this cake...Thanks giving turkey or cake? It is hard to tell it is not real :)

Then one of my favourite pieces is this figurine.  Both the front and back are totally perfect

I could go on and on....but why not go check out Sandra's work for yourself on her page. Here is the link again:

And look out for Sandra in all the collaborations as she is often involved making cakes and supporting her fellow cake makers. 

I am sure you can see why I choose Sandra as Cake Maker of the Week and why others nominated her. Her cakes are always stunning and beautiful and so interesting to look at all the details. 

Congratulations Sandra on being awarded this week's Star Cake Maker of the Week Award at Pretty Witty Cakes!


What is the Star Cake Maker of the Week Award ?

It is an  award that we have created to honour cake makers who we feel are truly awesome, inspirational, down right talented or just super duper humans...

How do you get chosen?

Each week, Suzi will chose someone that has come to her attention - perhaps on facebook or instagram, through the media or elsewhere.  But also because someone may have nominated them by emailing in. 

If you think someone (or you) should be awarded a Star Cake Maker of the week badge, email with the subject field "Star Cake Maker of the Week" and let us know who, why and what you think is totally awesome about them and their cake work. We will choose one person each week to feature in the Friday Freebie Newsletter. 


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