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Star Cake Maker of the Week June 9th 2017

Pretty Witty Blog

Star Cake Maker of the Week June 9th 2017

This week our chosen cake maker and nominated Star Cake Maker is:  


Sonja Weed of The Whitstable Cake Company

Sonja lives in Kent in the United Kingdom.  I am lucky enough to say that I have also met Sonja because, once upon a time, she came to her first ever cupcake making class at Pretty Witty Cakes. I remember when a new two tier cake class came out, she said to me "Ohhh noooo.  I couldn't make a big cake.  It would be too hard!".  Needless to say, she did end up coming to the two tier cake class and as you are about to see, she then morphed into an amazing cake maker in her own right. Now a multi-award winning cake maker, she is an example of what happens when someone really gets into cake and flies....

Sonja now runs the Whitstable Cake Company.  You can see lots of her work on her facebook page here.  You can also view more on her website here

Sonja's cakes

What you will immediately notice about Sonja's cakes is the magnificence of them. Although she makes lots of celebration cakes, she makes some amazing wedding cakes too.  Take a look below and you will see what I mean. 

Sonja's work in making a 16 tier wedding cake in 2015.  (Remember that girl who said she could never make big cakes!)

I love this wonderful gold and pink piece.  It has lots of interesting and fascinating details and has a really great Indian feel to it.  

From there, we jump to this beautifully autumnal piece with some glorious warm colours.  Sonja really styles her cakes very well so they look as good in photos as in the real thing. 

As a wedding cake maker, you are often forced to make lots of very similar looking cakes.  What I love about Sonja is that she takes a theme and makes a lot of very different looking wedding cakes.  This blue and silver cake is gorgeous and could be either a wedding or birthday cake.

From there we go to Novelty which shows Sonja's versatile abilities. This tombstone cake for Halloween is one of my favourite Halloween cakes.

Coming back to wedding cakes, this idea is so simple yet so effective. It goes to show that not all cakes need to be super complicated in order to wow people! The use of purples on this cake is so pretty.

This cake is possibly one of my favourite cakes ever.  The little dots on the top tier combined with everything else make this more like a sculpture worthy of an art gallery.  The cake picture setting is also fabulous and it really shows how a bit of styling makes all the difference when setting up cakes. 

Sonja has also done quite a few naked cakes now and this is one such example. They are so clean, so elegant, so dainty that I can only imagine how chuffed the bride and groom must be when they get one of these cakes. 

Now from the simplicity of a naked cake to this! This cake is just so joyous that it makes me smile every time i see it. Made with her friend Jo, this is a joint piece and a great example of work of the Whitstable Cake Company. It is also a pretty perfect demonstration of how I think I dance ;) 

With our recent Drip Cakes tutorial now out this cake also caught my eye as a great example of a really pretty drip cake.  The gold is fabulous and really decadent!

As always, I have just selected a few of my favourite cakes but there are plenty more for you to see on Sonja's facebook page and website.  Full details again are here:



I am sure you can see why Sonja was chosen as someone who has gone from not being confident to make big cakes to a super cake maker in her own right.  I feel she deserves to be this week's Star Cake Maker of the Week! 

Congratulations Sonja on being awarded this week and for making so many cakes that people really enjoy!  

Suzi xx 


What is the Star Cake Maker of the Week Award ?

It is an  award that we have created to honour cake makers who we feel are truly awesome, inspirational, down right talented or just super duper humans...

How do you get chosen?

Each week or sometimes every two weeks, Suzi will chose someone that has come to her attention - perhaps on facebook or instagram, through the media or elsewhere.  But also because someone may have nominated them by emailing in. 

If you think someone (or you) should be awarded a Star Cake Maker of the week badge, email with the subject field "Star Cake Maker of the Week" and let us know who, why and what you think is totally awesome about them and their cake work. We will choose one person each week to feature in the Friday Freebie Newsletter. 


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