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Cake Maker of the Week (No.1)

Pretty Witty Blog

Cake Maker of the Week (No.1)

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Pretty Witty Cakes - the Star Cake Maker of the week. 

What is it?

It is a new award that we have created to honour cake makers who we feel are truly awesome, inspirational, down right talented or just super duper humans...

How do you get chosen?

Each week, Suzi will chose someone that has come to her attention - perhaps on facebook or instagram, through the media or elsewhere.  But also because someone may have nominated them by emailing in. 

If you think someone (or you) should be awarded a Star Cake Maker of the week badge, email with the subject field "Star Cake Maker of the Week" and let us know who, why and what you think is totally awesome about them and their cake work. We will choose one person each week from nominations or from those we choose ourselves to feature. 


To kick things off in this inaugural week, we have chosen one of my personal ABSOLUTE favourite cake artists of all time. Ever. 

The wonderful MARLENE DEBATTISTA from Cake Heaven By Marlene. If you have not yet located Marlene then you are missing out. Make sure you follow her on facebook HERE to see more of her amazing cakes. 

Marlene Debattista - Cake Maker of the Week 

You can see lots of her work on her facebook page (do go give her a like as there is no way I can feature everything as she has so many amazing cakes!). To wet your appetite, below are some of my absolute favourite cakes by Marlene. Prepare to be wow-ed - I found it hard to stop adding images as they are ALL amazing!

The Easter Cake by Marlene 2017. I just love this 2D/3D play on this cake.  It is such a happy and joyful little cake.

Marlene's cake created for the Sugar Art for Autism Collaboration featured in the Pretty Witty Cakes blog in more detail here

Flower Power! I just adore this cake and always will. 

 Just look at the flowers, they are completely perfect and harmonious  Marlene has a natural gift for colour and positioning on her cakes. 

Marlene's cake for the Sweet Summer Collaboration. This portrays Marlene's dream Summer holiday in Hawaii. She took inspiration from the pop art of Kimo Studios from Hawaii.  

Marlene's Baroque Cake - just perfection!

Marlene's Spring Cake for 2016 with Bas Relief Spring flowers. Marlene was inspired by a drawing in a colouring book to make this cake. She made it using cardboard templates to cut out each individual leaf and petal. 

Ombre cake for Cake Masters Magazine in 2016. What I find so clever about Marlene's work is she takes a concept and makes it approachable and stunning in its simplicity.  


Marlene's cake for the Sugar Art Museum collaboration showing that no matter the colour or theme, Marlene just oozes originality

One of my absolute favourites.  This is a 60s inspired cake and if I were to choose a birthday cake for myself, this would be it. It is stunning and the yellow and pink are so cheerful. 

Marlene's piece for the Sugar Autism Collaboration in 2016. 

Brush embroidery work by Marlene in her now recognisable, unique and stunning style. 

Valentine's bear hug cake. 

I am sure you can see why I choose Marlene as the first recipient of this award.  I notice her cakes everywhere on the internet as they jump out at me with the clean and perfect work that is second to none.  Her designs are always stunning and beautiful and a real plesure to look at 

Congratulations Marlene on being awarded the first ever Star Cake Maker of the Week Award at Pretty Witty Cakes!

And don't forget - you can see more of Marlene's work on her facebook page here

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