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Book Review: Caught Cake Handed

Pretty Witty Blog

Book Review: Caught Cake Handed

I receive quite a lot of books through the post for reviews and feedbacks but this one really caught my eye as something different and very cute. 

New book by Natasha Brown

Written by cake maker and Pretty Witty Cakes online tutorial member, Natasha Brown, this is a delightful story book for children. 

All the characters are made out of sugar paste or similar materials in the book. The font is nice and big for children to read (ideally I would say it is suitable for around ages 4 to 8 depending on reading abilities), my kids all loved it and it was nice that the 8 year old read it to the 2 and 6 year old! Of course, parents could read to any age child who might enjoy it. 

There is a nice little bit where there is a song to sing and a recipe at the end. It has a lovely little story all based around cake. I won't tell you too much more else I will give it away...

It would make a great present for a cake interested child especially with the recipe at the end. 

Natasha with her book and some of the sugar props

To buy a copy, you can order here


Natasha has also kindly offered to give one copy away as a prize to a Pretty Witty Cakes follower.  To enter, simply send your name and postal address to with the subject field "Natasha's Book".  Entries must be sent in by no later than Wednesday 14 June 2016. You must be at least a free member at Pretty Witty Cakes to win. Don't forget to include your address!


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